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Real-time true profit tracking
Server-side tracking
Ads management & automations
Product & Order & Inventory management

Your most important data
in one intuitive dashboard.

Helix Metrics combines accurate Server-side tracking with advanced analytics
to give you product and scaling insights you can trust.

Profit Trends:
See in real-time how revenue, ad spend, profit, and other metrics interact and fluctuate, allowing you to make smarter decisions on ad scaling.
Profitability Funnel:
The holistic view of financial performance from top-level metrics to bottom-line results, across all your stores. See your profit bottlenecks in real-time.
KPIs at a Glance:
Discover your most important performance metrics quicker, without needing to log into multiple Shopify dashboards.

Product Performance

Discover the 20% that generates the 80%

Just 20% of your products generate 80% of your revenue. With ad platforms reporting incorrect data, discovering those 20% of products can be hit and miss.

Helix Metrics uses server-side tracking to ensure ad spend and attribution is correct, and then displays this data per product, giving you a breakdown of profit you can trust.

See product expenses, including cost of goods sold (COGS), fulfilment costs, transaction fees, and shipping costs, and real-time profit analytics broken down by individual product.

Can you afford to fly blind in ‘23?

Data loss, inaccurate attribution reports, high CPM, super fast creative fatigue…
Don’t rely on client-side tracking.

Maximize your ROAS, let our tracking guide you, and scale with confidence.

Ads Manager

Fingerpint Tracking You Can Trust

Using advanced analytics and server-side tracking, Helix Metrics delivers a complete suite of ad functionality in a format you know.

Our custom pixel analyzes millions of data points, tracks customers, and reports conversions with industry leading accuracy.

Do you trust your ads data?

With Helix Metrics you can.

Customer Journey

Track Your Customer’s Every Action Across All Products And Throughout Your Entire Funnel.

Don’t rely on device-side tracking. As we move toward a cookie-less world, customer tracking is becoming more and more difficult.

Helix Metrics uses an advanced, custom tracking algorithm server-side, so we can efficiently track your customers on every stage of their journey and attribute purchases accurately at every touch point.

You can follow each customer throughout their journey from their first interaction with your brand until their last, and see the exact ad creative that resulted in their interest.

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Real-time true profit tracking
Server-side tracking
Ads management & automations
Product & Order & Inventory management
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About Us

In 2018, we had a problem: profit reporting for our ecommerce clients was hit and miss. We knew we could do it better.

Our vision was to create a tool to show our clients their profit per product, based on all factors: ad spend, cost of goods, shipping, and other operational costs. But why not also report profit per ad? Across all platforms.

In 2019, we launched Helix Metrics to 50 clients, combining our server-side pixel with advanced analytics to provide accurate profit reporting across all marketing channels. And after iOS14.5, we launched our ad tracking tool to 150 clients, helping them track their customers, ROAS, and profit accurately, whatever device the customer was using.

Now, we want to make it available to you.