In 2018, ecommerce agency Helix Digital wanted to help their clients better understand where their profit was coming from. With no existing tool, the team decided to create their own. The vision of Dorian Daniel, David Balogh, and Krisztian Vamosi was to show clients exactly how much pure profit each marketing channel generated for their business. Not just factoring in ad spend, but cost of goods, shipping, and operational costs. To be able to break profit down into every asset of the business, we knew we needed to develop something new. We needed our own server-side tracking pixel.

In 2019, we rolled out our profit tracking dashboard to a select 50 clients. They were amazed at the detailed data and how easy it was for them to track their business and make changes on the fly.

Then iOS 14.5 happened.

With our existing server-side tracking we were perfectly placed to help our clients track their ads more effectively, and we did, rolling out our server-side tracking engine to hundreds of Helix Digital’s clients in 2021.

As well as our clients, we have used Helix Metrics internally to build hugely successful stores worldwide. The ability to see real-time profit breakdowns on a product by product basis has given us a competitive advantage that we have used to the full.

Now, though, we want to give you access to that same competitive advantage.

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