Tracks Customers  Reports Profit  |  Automates Results

Helix Metrics provides all the tools you need to scale your Shopify store and achieve greater profitability.

The inbuilt server-side analytics engine bypasses iOS14.5 limitations, tracks customers’ behavior, and reports profit in real-time.

We are not here to save you time.
          We are here to make you money.

Maximize the Return on your Decisions and Investments

Hyper Focus

Focus your team’s effort towards assets with the highest ROI ➝ deep store insights combined with cutting-edge customer behavior analysis.

Confident Scale

Scale your most profitable products & ads with confidence, based on server-side data. Make the most out of your campaigns by using multiple attribution models.

Clear Cuts

We all hate fatigue. Testing hundreds of creatives, and offers could easily eat up your profit. Cut losers faster and graduate winners with confidence.

Profit & KPI Dashboard

One dashboard to rule them all

Helix Metrics aggregates data from your Shopify stores
and marketing channels in one powerful dashboard
➝ transforming heavy data into actionable insights.

Compare the trend of your revenue, ad spend, costs and profit in various time frames.

Understand how your profit is being calculated.

Quick glance at your most important performance metrics.

80% of your ecom store’s profit
comes from 20% of your products.

But is that really true?

Product performance

Reveals the underdogs to optimize, and highlights the winners to scale.

Pareto widget

Reveals the underdogs to optimize, and highlights the winners to scale.

Visualizes the profitability of your products with the Pareto curve by tracking every cent you spend on your products.
➝ Ad Spend
➝ Fulfilment fees
➝ Transaction fees

Understanding the direction of an underlying trend is one of the most basic ways to increase the probability of your eCommerce store.

Dive deep into the trend line of your products. Catch them before hitting break even, and double down on emerging ones.

Can you afford
to fly blind in ’23?

But is that really true?

Maximize your ROAS, let our tracking guide you, and scale with confidence.

Tracking & Ads Management

Hyper accurate server-side tracking integrated
within the fastest Ads manager ever built

No purchase is missed. Meet the powerful combination of true profit and server-side tracking,

Helix Metrics’ pixel analyzes millions of data points, tracks customers, and reports conversions in multiple attribution models.

Optimize campaigns based on hyper-accurate server-side data in the fastest ad manager ever built.

Many tools are built for tracking. But which one can you trust? Neither. You trust in your data.

Track your customer’s every click, swipe, and touch across all your products, throughout your whole funnel.

Review the journey of your purchases, ensure your testing is clear and you scale toward cold prospects without cannibalizing your BOF.