Tracks Customers.

.Reports Profit

Automate Results.

Helix Metrics provides all the tools you need to scale your e-commerce business and achieve greater profitability, like an inbuilt server-side analytics engine that bypasses iOS14.5 limitations, tracks customers behaviour, and reports profit in real-time.

Before you take any action, you need to know the true profitability of your stores.

The four key pillars of

your profitability

This is your Real-Time Profit

and KPI Dashboard.

Now you exactly know the profit
and KPI’s of all of your stores.



Track the profitability of your products.
Scale your most profitable products
and optimize your least profitable ones.


Profit Analytics

Now, you exactly know which marketing channel makes you the most profit and which causes you to lose money.

In media buying, the fastest ways to make more money are the following: 

Either you Increase your revenue by spending more money on profitable ads.

Or you Optimize your spending to increase your Profit margin.

So let’s save a ton of time,
and make money! Shall we?


Ads Manager

With Helix’s Facebook & Google ads manager you can compare
reported vs. Server-side tracking results.

We track and measure the profit of every: customer, order, product, ad, ad set and campaign

Optimize for true profit within your ads manager

Verify your campaign’s purchases by clicking the purchase metric. You can see what orders belong to certain campaigns.

Helix Tracks your customer forever.
Check the customer journey of each purchase to verify its origins.

This is what

you get



By investing $1, you get access to our tool in beta worth at least $499. You will become funding member with VIP support, and we maximize your monthly fee to $99 after we go public.


10 minutes

By investing 10 minutes of your time you can integrate our tool completely, get 100% accurate server-side tracking, multi-level deep profit analytics, and advanced marketing automation.

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